After two months of work, that were crucial to establish a functional management structure, we are now in the middle of WP2 (cf. State-of-the-art).

During this phase, the objective is to analyze the methodological approaches used to assess crime in the five countries (Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, and the UK) represented within the Consortium with a focus on two types of sources: official police statistics and Crime and Victimization Surveys.

Under the lead role of the Institut National des Hautes Études de la Sécurité de la Justice (INHESJ), the aim of WP2 is to create a consensual grid of indicators enabling the assessment of objective and subjective measures of insecurity and its most relevant output will be the creation of the MARGIN database allowing for a comparative analysis between police recorded crime and victimization data at national and international level.

WP2: State-of-the-art

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