Three workgroups were organized after the Kick off meeting in order to develop the next phases of the project. Each group has a particular objective:

1) Designing the analysis and dissemination plans

2) Elaborating an Ethics manual to offer a guideline for the research issues that could be most sensitive, such as data management

3) Developing a research strategy for WP2

Results can be consulted in the Deliverables section of this website.

On the other hand, four autonomous bodies will be in charge of the management of the MARGIN project:

  • The Project Coordination Team (PCT), in charge of the daily management of the project
  • The Steering Committee (SC), concerned with conflict resolution, risk management and mitigation
  • The Scientific and Technical Core Group (STCG), conceived as a ‘task force’ in order to create and implement rapid solutions to any problems arising during the research activity
  • The Ethics Advisory Board (EAB), responsible for the legal, ethical and privacy elements of the project



Next steps

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