The main objectives in the MARGIN project are three:

1) Identifying, validating and analyzing factors influencing public and personal perceptions of insecurity

2) Analyzing the relationship between socio-economic inequalities, crime and victimization. That is to say, exploring the impact of insecurity among different demographic and socio-economic groups.

3) Providing policy makers with high quality tools for creating and evaluating strategies targeted at the reduction of insecurity.

The Kick-off meeting of MARGIN was hosted by the University of Barcelona between May 18th and 20th 2015.

During the first day, Riccardo Valente (University of Barcelona) gave an overview of the general objectives of the MARGIN coordination and support action.

In line with the purpose of creating sustainable modes of cooperation between stakeholders dealing with security issues, the project set up an international environment for knowledge exchange involving some of the leading EU institutions in Crime Victimization Surveys (CVSs): The National Institute of Criminology of Hungary, the French National Institute for Advanced Studies in Security and Justice (INHESJ), the University of Milano-Bicocca (UNIMIB), the University College London (UCL), the independent International Research Center EuroCrime and the Interior Department of Catalan Government.

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General objectives