EuroCrime organized the first Consortium meeting of the MARGIN project in Florence from the 17th to the 18th of December 2015. After eight months of work sincethe project began, the meeting served as an occasion  to summarize the current status and review the next steps in the MARGIN project. The UB team presented a video including basic information about MARGIN as an official start to the meeting.


The first day was dedicated presenting the progress that has been made within the WP3 framework.  Spencer Chainey and Peter Baudains of the University College London presented work that has been carried out in order to analyse the MARGIN database. Chainey reviewed the characteristics of data collected in WP2, namely: survey-based data on feelings of insecurity and victimisation (CVS) and police recorded crimes (PRC). CVS and PRC data were gathered in the five countries that make up the MARGIN project: Spain, France, Italy, Hungary and the UK. This methodology allowed for a direct measurement of both victimisation and insecurity in these countries. After that, a session to provide tips for the discussion on the definition of the socio-geographic dimension of insecurity.

During the afternoon session members of the Scientific and Technical Core Group (STCG) of the project were split into two subgroups: one that was oriented toward the identification and definition of a set of factors that, according to the statistical analysis presented by the UCL team during the morning, have been proven to affect perceived insecurity. The other subgroup was expected to reach an agreement on the criteria for the classification and selection of neighbourhoods. The classification process of urban areas according to the degree of insecurity (i.e. taxonomy) will lead to the selection of a sample of neighbourhoods in those areas for the implementation of anthropological fieldwork (WP5). Precisely for this reason, the taxonomy is a core milestone of the MARGIN project. A third group was in charge of creating an updated version of the Ethics Manual that will be used in order to develop the guidelines about the ethical procedures for each research phase of collection and analysis of the MARGIN project data.

The second day of the meeting began with a presentation by Tünde Barabás and Ákos Szigeti of the Hungarian Institute of Criminology (OKRI). The OKRI team, lead partner of WP6, presented a list of dissemination and exploitation activities that have been carried out so far. Next, Riccardo Valente (UB) provided an overview of WP6 in its entirety so as to ensure a common understanding of the concepts related to dissemination and exploitation.

During the last session, Valente further reviewed the activities included in WP4 and WP5, especially those covering the period between the current and the next Consortium meeting, to be held in Barcelona in June 2016.

MARGIN project Consortium meeting in Florence

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